Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IP: March 12th

Monday March 12, 2012
Location: New York City, NY
2012 Autograph Totals: 57

I decided to go and do some television show graphing today. I went into the day with my #1 goal of being Will Ferrell at Letterman but that was a total failure as he opted not to come over and sign at all either before or after the taping. Overall the day was a great success of which I add some new names to my collection.

outside Live with Kelly:
Cee-Lo Green 1/1
Nicole Richie 1/1
Jeremy Rosado (American Idol) 1/1 and a pic with
Kyle MacLachlan 1/1
John Larroquette 1/1

outside Letterman:
Jon Bernthal 2/2 and a pic with
*Jon is by far the nicest celeb I have ever met. He took the time to make sure every single person got something signed or had a pic with taken.

John Larroquette

Jeremy Rosado
Jon Bernthal

Sunday, March 11, 2012

IP: March 10th

Saturday March 10, 2012
Location: New York City, NY
2012 Autograph Totals: 50

I ventured out to NYC today to hit up the Broadway scene for the first time since Thanksgiving. Great night only missing out on two I was looking for.

Book of Mormon:
Josh Gad 0/1 (is on a vacation and did not perform)

How to Succeed in Business:
Nick Jonas 0/1 (by the time I got there the crowd was massive)

Alan Rickman 1/1 (signed the cardboard of the sign I made)
Jerry O'Connell 1/1
Hamish Linklater 1/1
Lily Rabe 1/1
Hettienne Park 1/1

Death of a Salesman:
Andrew Garfield 1/1

Thursday, March 8, 2012

February 26th - March 8th

2012 Autograph Total: 44

- Former Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington signed 1/1 sent c/o his home

- Failure: Former Colt Ken Dilger returned my cards unsigned